• Latitude Desktop Auditor

Latitude Desktop Auditor

TYPE: Asset Management

Since IT systems and components provide the infrastructure for most modern businesses, the optimised health, authenticity, and security of your technology means being aligned with good corporate governance and compliance requirements. This can be achieved with the functionality of our Desktop Auditor software. 



The fast and simple roll-out of Desktop Auditor means your return on investment starts within hours of the software being installed. Desktop Auditor provides invaluable IT management information to your IT professionals, which better equips them to keep your company’s technology aligned with your business objectives and easily justifying their value-add.

Desktop Auditor maintains an up-to-date electronic inventory, tracks the state of your IT assets, quickly scans components and systems (without adversely affecting end-users), and stores small data files (5-10kb), which won’t negatively impact your network. The extensive, user-defined filters and grouping structures offer listing and pivot reports, which provide unparalleled flexibility and ease when analysing the data.

Software metering and licence management capabilities give your IT professionals the power to accurately manage the distribution of software licences and monitor the usage of installed software. In combination with the wide range of other functionality of Desktop Auditor, you can combine audit information with personnel data to monitor the location of your assets and simply and accurately assign departmental costs.

Desktop Auditor can also be seamlessly integrated with Active Servicedesk to assist in streamlining business processes and service delivery. 


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