Two Way Radio Solutions

Design and implementation of two way radio business solutions, in collaboration with the customer and his long term requirements

With communications solutions fast becoming being the heart of all business operations, IMS can assist you in building, or optimising your existing two way radio business solution

Unlike any other form of communication, digital two way radio can link individuals or groups together, from workers to senior management to business owners, in locations across the world, without costly usage fees

Analogue two way radios continue to phase out, with legislation hereto, and IMS will strategise and budget with our clients in assuring a smooth transition to digital, and it’s massive features & benefits inclusion

IMS address this in three simple phases:

  • DESIGN – to fit your organization’s current and future needs, and integrate the huge business benefit that analogue to digital migration offers the business. Site surveys are undertaken, we learn to understand the business legacy & future vision and assist with ICASA licensing requirements and legislation

  • PLAN & IMPLEMENT – solution definition is implemented to include all tower requirements, networks and IP integration, the actual portables & mobiles and applications. A prime focus is the ability to extend the life of any existing systems whilst building herein to ensure latest technology and smart functionality and capability

  • SUPPORT – both off- and on-site support models in ensuring reduced downtime, maximising efficiencies and productivity and at the same time improve the overall customer experience

MOTOTRBO provides easy migration from analogue to digital, and it is an affordable digital communication system for you


  • Solution strategies within :
    • Conventional Analogue
    • Digital radio
      • CONNECT Plus
      • IP site connect
      • Capacity Plus
      • Linked Capacity Plus


  • OTAP – Over The Air Programming configuration and implementation
    • Centralised DataBase
    • Over The Air provisioning
    • Centralise device management
      • OTA administration
      • OTA software updates
      • OTA management & control
      • OTA programming, multi device
      • OTA service updates

  • TrboNet & SmartPTT features
    • Despatch Console facility
    • Fleet administration
    • Voice despatch
    • Job ticketing
    • Event logging
    • Emergency Alarm & Lone Worker
      • HSEC compliance support
    • Text messaging * email
    • Voice recording
    • GPS tracking
    • Telemetry
    • Phone connect
    • RF coverage monitoring

MOTORTRBO Hardware Components

  • Portable Two Way radios
  • Mobile Two Way radios
  • Base stations & repeaters
  • Controllers and gateways
  • Mast & towers
  • Antenna optimisations
  • Radio accessories
  • Radio spare parts

IMS partner with Motorola, recognised as the world leader in robust, reliable & scaleable offerings. Their commitment toward product development, supply professionalism and superior post-sales service & support is highly regarded

IMS are deservedly proud of the reputation in digital radio setup, configuration and implementation, in extracting the full business benefit out of the powerful digital Motorola toolsets within the solution

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