IT Audit Solutions

DeskTopAuditor is an enterprise tool for auditing your IT infrastructure, with emphasis on desktops, server computers and printers

Great corporate governance demands accurate answers to questions such as how many computers are actually on your network, illegal software status, software licensing status, presence of virus files, professional software audits, security exposure, etc. IT budgeting headaches are vastly simplified utilizing features herein

The agility and scalability of DeskTopAuditor allows for quick and simple answers to these questions, presenting you the visibility and control to save money, prevent licensing traumas, and ensure IT productivity is at its optimum throughout the organisation at all times

Reporting capability is extensive with simple data extraction capability, allowing for confident and accurate assessment of your IT asset base. Or your entire asset base, for this matter

The strength of the solution lies in it’s simplicity – DTA features an exceptionally fast and simple rollout process, guaranteeing you with a return on your investment within hours of installation


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