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….COVID-19 pandemic! COVID-19 threat! Corona virus threat! COVID-19 isolation protocol adherence! : Daily headlines across our world today, and for some time to come!

IMS are delighted to present a robust & reliable solution to business in essential management of the COVID-19 challenge. The impact of infections within a business are challenging if not crippling. The repercussions of an on-site infection demand immediate & responsible action from organistion leadership, both in isolation & assessment of impact to customers, suppliers, etc, whom have experienced recent interaction with these individuals

Our TNT solution will ensure your organization has a precise view of your workers and/or assets movements, 24/7 within your operation. When & where an infection is confirmed, this data can be immediately extracted pertinent to that person's movement in pinpointing what other persons were in his/her proximity over the past period. Accuracy of this data is paramount, as is immediacy

The IMS differentiator of agility remains core, with a simple & brisk implementation process and minimal post-implementation maintenance implications



Integrated Mobility Solutions

Supply, implementation and support of agile business solutions within wireless network infrastructure, 2-way radio, mobile business, thermal transfer printing and IT asset auditing & service desk environments

This includes the solution design, both software and hardware components, and all peripheral and consumable requirements. Our professional services teams will assure the customer expectation is met, and exceeded.

With a non-negotiable emphasis on agility, customer communication and feedback, and unsurpassed service.

A teaming and partnering philosophy drives the company, intended in embedding long term relationships between the customer, IMS and the IMS professional partner’s forum.

A trust relationship guaranteed to deliver to customer expectation.


  • Graham Grewcock
  • +27 83 265 6600
  • Derryl Sanmarkam
  • +27 82 499 9099
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